Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A warm hello!

Hello! Welcome to my blog, well, Peanuts' blog I guess. I've wanted to make this site for a while as I'm sure there are only so many Peanut statuses people on Facebook can take, so am re-directing them here.

Hopefully I will be using this as a (daily/weekly) diary, so I can document things that happen to us day to day on our walks, at home, and in general day to day life. 

Please excuse my less than perfect spelling and grammar, especially as I will most likely be posting later in the evening as Christmas card illustration season seems to be in full flow, not that I'm complaining.  

I also hope that this will be a place where Saluki/hound owners can discuss experiences and perhaps organize get togethers, as it is always great to see our super speedy fur babies in the company of other houndy friends whizzing around!

Jessica and a sleepy Peanut xxx

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